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In 1999, Fabiano started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil with Carlson Gracie student Murilo Rupp. There he was introduced to Mario Sperry, Mulio Bustamante, and Luis Roberto “Bebeo” Duarte. Bebeo was one of the founding members of the Brazilian Top Team (BTT) academy and invited Fabiano to train with BTT.

Fabiano received his black belt in a very fast three years and nine months. Shortly following this, Ricardo Liborio invited Fabiano to start training MMA and teaching BJJ in Olympia, Washington. While in Olympia, Fabiano began cross-training with fellow heavyweight Jeff Monson, as he worked to develop his MMA skills. He is one of the top coaches in MMA today in Brazil and here in USA Fabiano Partner up with Rodrigo Salazar from Denver Jiu Jitsu.